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Tori’s 2023 Client Letter

Greetings from 2024, a year brimming with hope and anticipation. As is my annual custom for the past 30+ years, I am sharing the personal side of my life from the past year,, beyond the professional one I so often send out information about.

I started 2023 off on a sad note… My Father, who turned 99 this past year, moved from Mountain View up to Oregon, where my sister lives. I’ve always lived within a few miles of my parents my entire life, so it’s been a difficult change to realize I can no longer just pop-by and say hi anytime I want.

My son, Kyle, and his family moved from Cornwall on Hudson in New York this past summer, to Colorado Springs, which makes it much easier to visit Him and the grandkids… YAY!

Before Kyle and his family left New York, I had the privilege of attending my daughters-in-law’s graduate ceremony at Yale University where she got a Master’s in Business. Super smart gal and I am a very proud Mother-in-Law!

In July, I began my year serving as the president of the Rotary Club of Mountain View. A true honor to serve such a wonderful and giving organization. This past fall we added a new member to our household… Oscar Wienie, our new Dachshund puppy. He’s adorable and an inexhaustible shoe thief.

I ended the year (when the real estate season slowed down) with going to Colorado Springs for Thanksgiving with Kyle’s family, minus Kyle, who is currently working in Germany. Then doing a long time “bucket list” item by taking a Christmas Markets Cruise down the Rhine River. WOW, just amazing, and definitely gets you in the mood for the holidays.

The year ended on a very sad note, my adorable little Maltese, Josie, died unexpectedly on New Year’s Eve. She was only around 6 years old and quietly went to sleep next to me on the couch and never woke up, crossing quietly over the rainbow bridge. I miss her but am so grateful she had a serene passing with no pain or trauma.

I hope you had a great 2023, and that 2024 is your best year ever! I’m embracing the new year with high hopes for a wonderful year filled with love and opportunities.

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