During a “hot” market it can seem that any Agent can put a sign in a yard and get a home sold.  But when hiring a Listing Agent (Seller Agent) you need more just a favorable market.  Many agents who seem to be good at selling homes quickly show their true skills levels when there is a slow-down or blip in the market.

Good market or bad, Tori will know how to best make the market work for you and thus net you more money for your home, and faster than the average [Agent] or Discount Agent.

Tori has the proper eye and the know-how to prepare and market your home to not only get you top pricing; but also process the transaction so you are covered with proper disclosures.

Staging & Market Preparation

Should we paint?  What color?  Do the floors look OK?  What is staging?  Should we move out first?  Sell the property vacant?

Like it or not, homes that show their best get top dollar, and homes that show average or poorly, often do not sell or sell for well below what they could sell for.

When you hire Tori, you not only get honest advice and candid suggestions, but, should you want to maximize your property value she will fully manage the process of preparing the home for market: recommendations, bids, inspection coordination, work scheduling, work oversight, and troubleshooting. All work is done with your authorization and input.


Marketing goes beyond a sign in the yard and listing on the MLS.  Properly structured advertisements, full use of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), virtual tours, personally managed broker tours, descriptive brochures, informative promotional materials and open houses conducted by Tori are just a few of the services offered, that are above and beyond the scope of most of our competition.

When you hire Tori… you get 100% Tori, not office helpers.

Offer Acceptance Advice

Analyzing purchase contracts (offers) is a true art; and much more than price must be considered.  Everything from the quality of the Agent presenting the offer, the emotional and financial qualifications of the Buyers, the likelihood of the Buyers lender performing, terms & conditions, and a hundred other details go into analyzing an offer.

If you have ever heard a real estate horror story, it is usually due to an offer being accepted on a property that probably should have never been accepted.


Mandated disclosures, customary disclosures, reports and a sundry of other paperwork can easily overwhelm Sellers and Buyers alike. What do I disclose?  How do I disclose?   Do I have to disclose…?

Most of Tori’s clients tell me they think anyone trying to sell without professional help is simply crazy; there is just too much you need to do and know these days.

If you do not want to look back with regret on the sale of a property, let us help you. Contact Tori today!