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Tori Atwell joins The Agency Los Altos, delivering impactful representation for her clients backed by years of experience in the field. In all aspects of her services, Tori’s goal is to exceed her clients’ expectations and achieve impactful results. Her vast knowledge includes a deep understanding of the Los Altos, Mountain View, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Rose Garden, Willow Glen, and Naglee Park markets.

Tori’s real estate career began in 1986 and has encompassed over 1,700 real estate transactions, ranging from small condominiums to multimillion-dollar homes. Although well-versed in the art of assisting buyers and real estate investors in property acquisition, Tori’s true love and skills come in the assessment of property value; she provides the knowledge of what can be done to a property to maximize its value and market position. Additionally, her advanced marketing skills go far above and beyond what can normally be expected from a real estate broker.

When you hire Tori, you get Tori—no assistants or underlings will be working with you. Tori personally handles all aspects of your real estate purchase or sale, from marketing, fielding calls, and negotiation to the paperwork and hundreds of little behind-the-scenes details. Tori wants your transaction to not only be profitable for you but also a positive experience.When you work with an agent you are hiring their reputation in the industry, something that Tori does not take lightly. As a highly respected real estate professional, she brings that same level of respect to you as a buyer or seller. Tori looks forward to demonstrating to you what a genuinely full-service experience is like and giving you the opportunity to make your real estate endeavor as smooth as possible.

Memberships and Affiliations

  • National Association of REALTORS®
  • California Association of REALTORS®
  • Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS®
  • Member Women’s Council of REALTORS®
  • Mountain View Chamber of Commerce
  • Commission as a Notary Public in the State of California
  • Certified Signing Agent
  • Former Neighborhood Accountability Board Member
  • City of Mountain View Mediation Program Volunteer Mediator
  • City of Mountain View Leadership Program Graduate
  • City of Mountain View Former Police Department Volunteer
  • Former Annual OMVNA advertiser & newsletter distributor
  • Mountain View Educational Foundation Supporter
  • Member Mountain View Rotary Club
  • Member of Daughters of the American Revolution

Tori the Person….

When hiring a real estate professional, or seeking their advice, many people overlook “who” they are hiring, what kind of person the REALTOR® really is, what the REALTOR®’s likes and dislikes, their moral values, and their overall outlook on the market and life. Although these factors may not seem important at first glance, they have an important impact on the REALTOR® you work with, as well as the advice you trust them to provide.

It’s no secret that we all feel happier working with and being around people with whom we can relate, people with whom we can bond: Golfers like golfers, dog lovers like dog lovers, and upbeat people prefer other upbeat people.

Feel free to continue reading below and learn more about me as a person, my personal interests, and my lifestyle. Perhaps you will find something that you can relate to!

The Children

My greatest pride in life is my children: Kyle born in 1984, and Amber born in 1987. Each child is completely different and special in their own way.

Amber still resides in Mountain View where she and Kyle grew up, and Kyle and his family reside in North Carolina where he is serving in the Army’s Special Forces.

Kyle is at one end of the spectrum: Outgoing, energetic, a born leader, and a world traveler. To meet Kyle is to like Kyle, to get to know Kyle is to love Kyle.

Amber falls to the other end of the spectrum: Shy, loves being at home and in familiar surroundings, but deep in thought and heart. Although shy and at times hard to get to know, Amber is truly one of those endearing people in life that you know is a kind soul and, like her mom, straightforward and at times almost too honest.


I love to travel. Traveling opens one’s eyes to the diversity of people, their lifestyles, and their cultures, which in turn helps us understand, and appreciate, other people’s wants, needs, and opinions. Although I do not get to travel as much as I would like, I’m grateful for the many places and countries I have been able to visit—not to mention how cool it is to check out housing and architecture in various parts of the world and country!


As they say, “It’s the simple things in life”… I truly believe that the best cure for a bad day is a beautiful sunset, or something as simple as observing the wonder of a flower. Through my camera, I am often able to capture moments that brighten my day and then share those images with others to hopefully brighten theirs.

Yes, every cloud truly does have a silver lining…


When the kids left home; the pets moved in. My cat, small dogs, and pigs…

Pets never ask for money or want to borrow the car, will eat your cooking no matter how bad it is, and always make you feel loved (err, except the cat of course).

After a bad day, a good pet always makes the day a little nicer and life a little brighter. When on a walk we all feel more comfortable approaching a person walking their dog, than a person without a dog. Maybe it is a stereotype, but people with pets seem to be more approachable, caring, and friendly. Pets are like an outward projection of ourselves.

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