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Picking the right Broker can be one of the biggest decisions of your life…

Whether you are buying or selling a home, or purchasing an investment property having the right advice and guidance can make the difference between a confident, well informed purchase or a virtual nightmare you could regret for many years to come. Tori offers her experience since 1986 as a local Real Estate veteran [with over 1,500 sales] and has also owned, remodeled, rebuilt and invested [in] Real Estate herself, giving her the inside track on what it takes to be a Broker, but also a consumer.

Please note: Tori not a team-style Broker who will pawn you off  to “staff”  to pick up where the last person left off.   She does not rely on assistants or underlings to do what you, the client, hired her to do.  When you hire Tori, you get TORI, who is proud to be a full fledge Real Estate Broker with  a proven track record spanning nearly three decades and hundreds of real estate transactions performed during both hot & soft Real Estate Markets.

By hiring Tori as your Broker, you are hiring an experienced, straightforward Broker who is well respected within the industry, and whom personally manages every aspect of your purchase and/or sale.  You may not always like what she says but  you will always get honesty, and not what she thinks you might want to hear!  Tori is there for you… From the initial meeting to  handling the drafting of paperwork, inspections, personally writing open house ads, authoring property flyers, market research, even baking homemade cookies for your Broker’s Tour!

Tori simply does everything possible to relieve you from stress during  what can be a hectic time.

Most important: When you hire Tori – You get Tori and 100% of her commitment to you!

How Can Tori Help?

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