Tori has been helping individuals and families sell their homes  since 1986. Her no-nonsense, straight-shooter approach, combined with her intensive do-it-all selling program, has brought her much success and a hard-earned positive reputation in the Real Estate community.

But above and beyond her Real Estate skills, Tori is also a member of the communities she serves and wants people to know her not just as a Broker, but as a community member…

Tori was born in Redwood City and raised in the Bay Area (yes, a real local girl). Her parents still reside in her childhood home in Sunnyvale, only minutes away from where Tori resides in Downtown Mountain View.  In the 1980’s Tori earned her Business Administration degree, and after starting her family, switched from the banking industry to the Real Estate industry . She began her career working in Palo Alto, then moved her business to the Mountain View/Los Altos area s.

Tori is blessed with two children, Kyle born in 1984, and Amber born in 1987 – Both are her pride and joy.  Although raised in Sunnyvale, most of Tori’s adult life she has lived in and loved Downtown Mountain View.  With both Kyle & Amber grown, Tori now enjoys reading, walking her dogs, spending time with her family, volunteering with the Mountain View Police Department, participarting in the Mountain View Mediation Program, and when possible; traveling.

Memberships and Affiliations

  • National Association of Realtors
  • California Association of Realtors
  • Silicon Valley Association of Realtors
  • Mountain View Chamber of Commerce
  • Commission as a Notary Public in the State of California
  • Certified Signing Agent
  • Graduate Leadership Mountain View
  • Member Womans Council of Realtors
  • Former Neighborhood Accountability Board Member
  • City of Mountain View Police Department Volunteer
  • City of Mountain View Mediation Program Volunteer Mediator
  • Former Annual OMVNA advertiser & newsletter distributor
  • Mountain View Educational Foundation Supporter
  • Member Mountain View Rotary Club

Tori the Person…

When hiring a Real Estate Professional, or seek their advise, many people overlook “who” they are hiring, what kind of person the Realtor really is, what are the Realtor’s likes and dislikes, their moral values, their overall outlook on the market and life.  Although these things may not seem important upfront, they shape the character of the Realtor you are working with, and trusting for often crucial advise.

It is no secret we all feel better working with, and having people around us, whom we can relate to, people that we feel some sort of bond with: Golfer like golfers, dog people like dog people, upbeat people prefer other upbeat people. These photos just share a part of the type of person Tori, as a person, is really like beyond the professional persona.

Feel free to look below and into Tori as a person, her personal interests and lifestyle:

The Children

Tori’s greatest pride in her life is her Children: Kyle born in 1984, and Amber born in 1987.  Each is completely different and special in their own way.

Amber still resides in Mountain View where he and Kyle grew up, and Klye and his family reside in North Carolina where he is serving in the Army’s Special Forces.

Kyle is at one end of the spectrum: Outgoing,  energetic, a born leader and world traveler.  To meet Kyle is to like Kyle, to get to know Kyle is to love Kyle.

Amber falls to the other end of the spectrum: Shy, loves being at home and in familiar surroundings, but deep in thought and heart.  Although shy and at times hard to get to know, Amber is truly one of those endearing people in life that you know is a kind soul and, like her Mom, straight-forward and at times almost too honest.


I love to travel.  Traveling opens ones eyes to the diversities of people,their lifestyles and their cultures, which is turn helps us understand, and appreciate, other peoples wants, needs and opinions.  Although I do not get to travel as much as she would like, I’m grateful for the many places and countries I have been able to…  Not to mention how cool it is to check out housing and architecture in various parts of the world and country.


As they say, “It’s the simple things in life”… Tori truly believes that the best cure for a bad day is a beautiful sunset, or something as simple as observing the wonder of a flower.  Along with her camera she often is lucky enough to capture the moments that brighten the day and offers these images to hopefully brighten yours.

Yes, every cloud truly does have a silver lining…


When the kids left home; the pets moved in.   My small dogs, cat and Piggles the pig…

Pets never ask for money or want to borrow the car, will eat your cooking no matter how bad it is, and always make you feel loved (err, except the cat of course).

After a bad day, a good pet always makes the day a little nicer and life a little brighter.  When on a walk we all feel more comfortable approaching a person walking their dog, than a person without a dog.  Maybe it is a sterotype, but people with pets seem to be more approachable, caring and friendly, pets are like an outward projection of ourselves.