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A Guide to Finding Gimmick-Free Real Estate Service

Selling or buying a home does not need to be complicated. In fact, an experienced, focused real estate agent should make the process clear, concise and stress-free. Here, I’m unpacking some of the most confusing real estate advertising trends, and what you should consider before choosing an agent.

Everyone is #1.
But what does #1 mean? #1 in client service? In Client satisfaction? Number of deals closed? Total dollar of sales made? First one in the office each day? The truth is, being #1 means little to nothing to sellers or buyers. What is imperative, and will assist you the most is a professional agent on top of their market and who gives top-notch advice and service.

Ads Promising Commission Discounts
You may notice that under these too-good-to-be-true ads, there is usually a lot of fine print and confusion. Basically, a discounted agent may not offer the level of service or results you desire.

For sellers, bargain agents often aim to expose a property to as many people as possible, and that scattershot tactic tends to reduce the showings and turn off serious buyers. You want to team up with an agent who (while they may cost a bit more) will provide focused marketing and attract qualified buyers who will write a good offer.

Big Teams & Groups
Somehow, the goal of agents working together to best serve a client has morphed into large teams that have the goal of processing as many deals as possible. Working with a large team usually results in the clients being handed over to subordinates once their original paperwork is signed. In other words, the agent you liked and trusted steps out of the picture, so he can find the next client.

For most folks, buying or selling real estate is one of the largest decisions and investments in their life. There are many things to go cheap on in life, but your real estate agent is not one of them. For best results, choose an experienced agent who will be working directly with you to ensure you feel seen and heard and have as smooth of a transaction as possible.

If I can ever be of service to you or anyone you may know, I am always happy to help. I have had the great honor of representing my clients in over 1,700 real estate transactions since 1986. Please do not hesitate to reach out!

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