The Past Speaks for Itself

Selling a house is a lot of work, full of uncertainty and alleged surprises. I am so relieved and happy I had Tori to guide me. Two years before I sold my house, Tori gave me some ROI tips to increase value. When it was time to put the house on the market, she was well equipped with contractors needed to do some work. Friends who had bought/sold with Tori told me “Just listen to her advice and do whatever she says.” When it came to pricing the house I literally lost sleep over her strategy, thinking I knew better. After struggling for a week, I decided to follow her lead. And she was right! Everything she predicted came true. Tori knows the process inside and out; this meant she set my expectations properly for every step. And best of all – there were no surprises! But Tori is more than an expert on the process, well-connected with contractors and great at pricing. She is warm, classy and extremely professional. I don’t know how she balances her strong, well-researched opinions with such a gentle touch, but she does! In summary, Tori makes selling a house as easy as it could be. I recommend Tori without any reservations.

Julie R., Mountain View

Tori helped our family buy 3 local rental properties over the past 6 years and helped us buy a primary residence in 2010. From what I have heard, it is rare to find an agent who can skillfully deal with the intricacies of both investment and residential property purchases. Tori is a master at both. Her knowledge, experience, and attention to detail are unsurpassed. Her coordination of all of the many aspects of a home purchase is amazing. And to top it off, she is so fun to work with, possessing a wonderful sense of humor and tremendous optimism. She is a resource for the long haul – always available for a referral or question. We are currently working with Tori to prepare our home for sale. As usual, she is on top of every little detail and making life for me and my family a lot easier. Tori is truly the best – the consummate real estate agent!

Amy P.

Tori has been working in real estate in Mountain View for over 20 years. I bought my home with her assistance and expertise in 1993, and I have recommended her to several of my friends. All of us have been very happy with our experience with Tori. I very heartily most highly recommend her.I loved working with Tori. She knows the Mountain View area really well, especially the dynamics of buying in Old Mountain View and other local areas. She was extremely responsive, available, and proactive during our interactions. She helped me close a purchase before the end of the year and during the holidays. She gave me important reminders about how to set up my termite tenting and utilities and went out of her way to help me. Buying a house is stressful, it’s great to work with someone who is a complete professional, and who is fun to work with.

N. Mize

Tori has been involved in all my real estate dealings for the past 22 years. From the purchase and sale of condo and purchase of house to now the sale of my house. Honest, helpful and realistic, I would highly recommend her for all your real estate needs.

Richard T.

Tori is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! We interviewed several agents before putting our home on the market and we picked her because she not only had a stellar track record for the area we were selling in, but seemed very smart and straightforward. We were SO glad we worked with Tori. She not only helped us sell our home in 2 weeks but she helped us buy our “perfect” home in the nearby area as well. Tori is absolutely not the type of realtor that just wants to turn a profit. She insists on quality on everything and wouldn’t let us buy a home that was only “pretty good”. She was able to educate us on things our lay-person eyes did not see. By the end of the process, I ended up wishing she was a relative – I soooo enjoyed working with her. I think it’s important to really trust your realtor, and this was easily gained by working with Tori. She has great taste and great experience.


I have been using Tori’s service for the past 20 years. She helped me with two transactions; one with a four bedroom house in Sunnyvale and another with townhouse in Cupertino. She has extensive knowledge of the market and very sensitive as to what the customer needs. I highly recommend her.

Yuriko S.

My wife and I purchased our first home (in which we still reside) through Tori in 1992, and have stayed in touch with her ever since. When my mother passed away in 2009, Tori was our first and only choice to handle the sale of her home. Having seen her represent us as both buyers and sellers, I can honestly say she handles both roles consummately.

When we began our search for a home in 1992, we were prepared for a test of endurance, and Tori (who came highly recommended by close friends) was more than up to the task. In one weekend we visited 60 properties and explored 40 of them. All the while Tori was carefully assimilating our impressions and refining our profile, so that we wound up with a wonderful home in Sunnyvale.

The sale of my mother’s house in Palo Alto threatened to overwhelm all of us at times, for a variety of reasons, but Tori provided constant reassurance, along with a cadre of highly competent vendors who prepared the property inside and out. Her skillful management of the whole situation was a major factor in both the number of qualified bids we received and the final selling price, which greatly exceeded our expectations.

Bottom line: I would recommend Tori to anyone (and in fact, I have!) without hesitation.


We interviewed three agents and selected Tori. She showed the most interest in selling my brothers home. She planned and executed improvements that went smoothly. The staging sold the house in less than one week with 5 bids. We are grateful for her local expertise with a fast and efficient sale at good price.

J. Cayot

Tori helped me buy my place in Old Mountain View. She helped me see the potential in this older, 1920’s house and gave me lots of encouraging advice and feedback during my remodel. Tori’s the best!

Susan B.

I know that the reader might be suspicious of a five star rating in all categories, but I actually mean it. We have dealt with other agents in California and elsewhere, but Tori is head and shoulders above all others. She sold our old home in days, for a fair price, in a difficult market, and she was also our buyer’s agent for our new home. She made the usually traumatic experience of selling and buying a home feel easy, and we are happy with the prices she negotiated. We don’t expect to buy another home ever again (or sell our current one), but if we do, we will definitely ask for her help again.

A. Dentai

Tori has handled seven real estate transactions for me over 18 years time from 1992 – 2010, representing me both as a buyer and as a seller. I wouldn’t dream of using anyone else. When I was a buyer, she negotiated a seemingly impossible gap between the seller and myself and made the deal happen for me.

When I was a seller, the improvements Tori suggested and her team of trusted contractors who did the work, transformed my properties and paid for themselves many times over. As a negotiator, she is second to none. She can turn a tiny nibble into a bite and then into a sale. While other properties in the neighborhood languished on the market, homes she improved and marketed for me sold immediately and in every case, sold for over the asking prices of the comparable homes that were all around mine. She loves her work and it shines in everything she does. I trust her completely and cannot recommend her any more highly.

Jennifer Aliceon

I can’t say enough about Tori. We decided to pick Tori as our new real estate agent to help us sell our old home and purchase the current home based on her marketing materials that we received in our old neighborhood throughout the years.

Her extensive experience and connections made our move hassle free. I do not believe that we would own our current home (that we love) without Tori. Here is why:

1) Probably the most worrying aspect for us was how to go through the home sale/purchase process with our two small children (3yr and 5yr old). Both, my wife and I are working parents with stressful jobs. We have no help from family (both of our families are out-of-state). It was of utmost importance for us that we sell our house quickly. Keeping the house in pristine condition while on the market with two small children was one of the most stressful jobs (next to $$) in the whole process. At the end, we sold our house in less than a week. On a Thursday, after the first Open House weekend, we signed the contract with the buyer. This was priceless.

2) We sold our house for a good chunk over the asking price. I contribute this to Tori’s extraordinary marketing skills. She produced an amazing collection of a high quality marketing material (on-line, printed, even local news paper). This attracted big crowds of people to the Open House. She also perfectly judged the timing on when to put the house on the market. Finally, her suggestions as to what to do in order to make our house more appealing definitely changed my (male) perspective on how things should be handled during the sale/purchase of the home.

3) We closed the sale of our former home and the purchase of our new home within a day. This goes along the line of keeping the stress at minimum with two small children. We moved straight from our old home to our new home without having to take an intermediate step of renting an apartment (saving $$ and time while minimizing stress) during the process.

4) The simultaneous closing of both transactions (sell/buy) was not a coincidence. Tori tirelessly worked on negotiating the timing and pricing with the seller weeks before we even put our house on the market. At the end all lined-up perfectly, thanks to Tori.

5) Through her connections and organizing skills, Tori laid down the whole plan for us, from internal tasks that we had to do (rent portable storage to de-cluter our house, etc.) to external task performed through her connections. Those include: fixing section 1 items, deep cleaning of the house, staging the house, manicuring landscape, etc. We had multiple quotes at hand for each type of work. The only thing we had to do is to pick one, the rest was handled by Tori (including the scheduling).

6) Tori did not put pressure on us at any moment to cross over the purchase price bound that we set in the beginning. From my past experience, it was quite common that one ends up buying a new home for more than it had planned. This was not the case here.

7) Tori was flexible as to who will handle the financing part of the deal. One can opt to go with her recommendation (financial personnel associated with Alain Pinel) or to use personal brokers. We happened to have our own mortgage broker that we knew from the past and we used him.

8) We meet with Tori multiple times during the home sale/purchase process. Most of the transactions (signatures, paperwork, etc) were handled electronically because we preferred this way. Tori was open whether we want to handle transactions electronically or whether we want to meet with her in person. She was always available to meet/talk to us.

Tori guided us with confidence through the whole process. She knows when it is important to push for certain things and when it would be more beneficial to relax. Through this fine balancing act along with years of experience in real estate field Tori made this client VERY happy. Tori has great personality and it was truly a privilege to get to know her personally while working with her.


Tori helped our family buy a multi-unit property in 2008 and a single-family home this past winter. From what I have heard, it is rare to find an agent who can skillfully deal with the intricacies of both investment and residential property purchases. Tori is a master at both. Her knowledge, experience, and attention to detail are unsurpassed. Her coordination of all of the many aspects of a home purchase is amazing. And to top it off, she is so fun to work with, possessing a wonderful sense of humor and tremendous optimism. She is a resource for the long haul – always available for a referral or question. While we have only purchased property in the bay area thus far, we look forward to working with Tori again for both the selling and buying of property. She is truly the best – the consummate real estate agent!


Tori knows real estate inside and out. She’s easy to work with, and absolutely straightforward about the qualities of a house. She is always a pleasure to talk with. Furthermore, over the many years since we bought our house, she’s continued to help us out with recommendations and resources.

Anne Urban

I have purchased two houses in Mountain View through Tori over the last eight years. They provided expert management of the process of searching and signing in both cases, making it appear seamless from my side of the deal and alleviating and fears I had. They brought considerable experience and insight into the process and really understood and respected my personal needs. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to sell or buy a house.

G. Gavin, Mountain View

We were scared to death upgrading into a bigger home! Tori is an agent that can seriously multi-task! Tori organized all the prep to sell our home and maximize our return, and got us into our new home (in a great neighborhood in Los Altos) against several other offers. We were thrilled!

Michael and Crysta Krames, Los Altos

Being in the industry, I have personally watched Tori prepare and sell dozens of homes over the past twelve years. There is simply nobody better at getting a house to look its best inside and out in a quick and efficient manner, She’s also superb at marketing the house, which always attracts a large number of potential buyers. The result of these two things, combined with their market knowledge, is that her listings move very quickly and sell for top dollar. Best of all, she makes the whole process smooth and easy for her clients. She is, in my opinion, the very best Realtor one could hope to find.

Michael Galli, Mountain View

Tori was wonderful to work with. She was hard working and respectful of how busy our family is. She made many of the steps of selling a house easy and convenient. They were friendly, but professional and knowledgeable. We will definately work with her again if we buy or sell again in the area. Thanks!

Tanya Bishop, Mountain View

Tori did a fabulous job for us, from guiding us on when to put our townhouse on the market, to lining up a team of professionals to help prepare it for sale. Based on their expertise of many years of buying and selling homes in Old Mountain View, they had the wisdom to push us outside of our comfort zones when we needed it. The results completely exceeded our expectations – our home sold in seven days with multiple offers (and well above asking! Thanks again for your help!

Steve and Lynne Graw, Mountain View

I’m glad that we chose to work with Tori. Her knowledge of the market was exceptional, the pricing was pinpoint, and they took care of all the details so that the process was virtually trouble free.

Jim G., Mountain View

Tori is the consummate real estate professional, partnering seamlessly to provide friendly and flawless service. We will use her for all our real estate transactions.

Larry and Lola Fitterer, San Jose, CA

One of the real values Tori provides is in preparing a home to be sold. They have an eye for detail and quality, deep experience in the market, and the final sales price reflects it. We are very fortunate to have had her as our listing agent, and a good friend and advisor in our community.

R. Miller and C. Miller, Mountain View

Tori did a tremendous job in helping me buy my home during a sellers market.. She taught me to notice things that I never would have thought of. Was right on target with pricing – I got a great home and didn’t feel like I over-paid for it. And Tori made the disclosure and closing process so easy to deal with. I will be calling them when I’m ready to sell.

Yvonne S., Mountain View

We bought our first home from Tori during the 2000 housing peak and were still able to get a reasonable price (below list) on a beautifully located California Bungalow in downtown Mountain View without getting mired in a multiple offer bidding war. Seven years and two children later we were exceeding the maximum occupancy of our darling house. We looked to Chuck and Tori to sell our home and find us a new one that we could grow into and that would have a great school district for our boys. It is extremely challenging and stressful to sell and buy a house at the same time and even more so when you have a young family in tow. Thankfully, Tori made the challenges as manageable as possible and always made my young family’s well being a priority, right down to respecting their nap schedule.

Fortunately for us, Tori’s commitment to maximizing the value of the house we sold as well as their real estate networking abilities landed us a larger house in a prime Los Altos neighborhood, walking distance to downtown Los Altos, the best parks and Los Altos schools, and again without multiple offers. It’s so important to find an experienced, well networked broker that will go above and beyond the ordinary to really find the home that meets all of your family’s needs, practically and financially. Three transactions later we truly feel that Tori is the best broker to have working for you. Whether you are selling or buying a home, we highly recommend her.

Jason and Gaylene Biggs (and boys 3.5 and 2) Los Altos, California

I have to think that the wonderful offers we received were due to your handiwork. Our house looked so amazing and definitely made people fall in love with it. From 3,000 miles away, you made the process stress free.

E. Sanders, Newton, MA

Tori helped me achieve what I never thought was possible, and then attended to every detail meticulously. They made one of life’s most stressful events go smoothly and trouble free.

Paul L., Sunnyvale, CA

For those who are willing to give their house to a Realtor, Tori is the one you want. We went along with her suggestions to spruce up the house and yard and it paid off. The house sold the Wednesday following the open houses with multiple offers. When the first offer backed out Tori went to work to get the second offer back in negotiations. This paid off and we sold our house within two weeks.

Much of this happened through fax, email, and telephone because we had a trip planned and so did Tori. Their co-worker, Tom Correia, took up the slack when we needed to talk after the first offer backed out.

We recommend Tori for anyone selling a house.

Judy and Gene Hironimus, Mountain View